kintoneデータ外部共有サービス|| Chobiit for kintone

What is Chobiit?

Chobiit is a service for Kintone that allows you to view, add, edit, and delete Kintone data from outside of Kintone.

※ Login authentication must be used to edit and delete data

3 simple steps


Install Chobiit plug-in in Kintone


Set up apps to share


Publish a Kintone app to the public

2 sharing methods

Login authentication

Up to 100 Chobiit accounts can be issued for each Kintone license. Chobiit accounts inherit the access rights of the Kintone license. The apps to be shared can be selected for each Chobiit account.


When an app is public, you do not need to issue a Chobiit account to publish data outside of Kintone and allow records to be created.

Features available with login authentication

Show only your own records/ group records

Comment function

Email notification settings

Features available with both sharing methods

Related Records
There is a limit to the display of the information when it is general public .



Temporary saving

Auto reply email

Page display settings after saving the record

Other features

When using login authentication, Chobiit users inherit the access permissions of the associated Kintone account.

For public apps, viewing and editing permissions can be set for each field.

When the location data retrieval setting is enabled, the latitude and longitude of the location that a record is added through Chobiit is retrieved and saved in the record.

The record list can be displayed as a calendar.

Records can be filtered from the Chobiit record list view. A variety of filter features are included, such as filter conditions and partial word matching.

The record add screen and record list screen can be embedded in any web page using iframe tags when published externally.


Rich text / User selection / Department selection / Group selection / Border / Blank space / Record number / Created by / Created datetime / Updated by / Updated datetime

While Calculated fields are supported, a preview of the result of the calculation will not be displayed on the add/edit record screen. Similarly, if the “Calculate automatically” feature of a Text field is enabled, a preview of the result of the calculation also will not be displayed in Chobiit.

Spaces, Threads, Portals, and People
Process management
Notifications (reminders and conditional notifications for apps and records)
Features implemented by customization files and other plug-ins
Data import/export by CSV or Excel file
Multilingual settings such as app localization

Note that attachment field values cannot be carried over by the Action feature of Chobiit

Permissions cannot be set for each individual Chobiit user.
The display order of fields in Chobiit also cannot be changed. To change the display order, the order of the underlying Kintone fields must be changed.